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Shenzhen Youchi Umbrella Co., Ltd.

Youchi Umbrella Co. Ltd is a globally recognized umbrella brand operator and an expert manufacturer in China, engaged in the creation, design, production, and sale of umbrellas. It is the most substantial umbrella trading company in the country and has an expansive domestic and international marketing network, distributing products across more than 180 countries and regions.

Under the GOLF UMBRELLAS category, Youchi offers a unique opportunity to create a memorable impression on your clients through personalized golf umbrellas. Ideal for tournament sponsorship, these promotional items can be an effective advertising tool both on and off the golf course. The umbrellas are available in various styles and colors, with features like wood handles and matching cases. Some even have vents for protection from strong winds and heavy rain.

Logo golf umbrellas from Youchi are popular both on the golf course and beyond, known for their durability and large size. They offer a perfect opportunity to set your business apart from competitors. With unique and affordable designs, these umbrellas can prominently display your brand name and logo in a myriad of color options.

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golf-one.com is a company founded on the principle of quality. We are a wholesale supplier of umbrellas, which keeps our customers coming back for more. Our inventory includes a diverse range of designs and colors, all ready for immediate shipping. We offer a broad selection of umbrellas for both children and adults. Our fashionable collection has seen great success at weddings, making us a preferred choice for bridal and bridesmaid umbrellas.

We have a varying minimum order requirement for each style/color as we primarily operate on a wholesale basis. Selling individual pieces is currently not viable. As a wholesaler, we are able to cut our operational costs and pass these savings onto our customers. We also provide the option to personalize umbrellas according to our clients’ custom designs or marketing needs.